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Saturday, October 2, 2010

DAY 6: Recap and updates

I planned on doing this post Friday with one week left on my countdown... but since I was surprised with a birthday party Friday night I had to use Saturday as a recovery day.  A perfect day to reflect on my progress, to see what things are left on my list and to make sure I am on track!  I also wanted to update you on a couple tasks I had completed and some of the follow-ups.

DAY 30: Send out Komen 3-Day for the Cure donation emails

  • So far I have raised $975.00, about 40% of my goal!  I have about a month left to complete my goal!  You can still donate here!!

DAY 29: The dentist visit

DAY 28: Bike tour around Chicago

DAY 27: Windy City Wine Festival
  • Finally picked up my almond flavored sparkling wine and it is chilling in the fridge!

DAY 26: Chicago Bears football game

Day 25: Twinkie goes to the vet
  • I received Twinkie's city registration in the mail and I still need to register him with my building!

DAY 24: Pottery painting
  • I was so excited to get my completed star!  It sits next to my bed and is perfect to set jewelry on!
The finished star!

DAY 23: Cooking class-Chicken 101

  • I haven't cooked at home yet...but I will!

DAY 22: Helping the homeless

  • I still see the same homeless people around Chicago and always give them a smile and a dollar when I can!

DAY 21: 10 mile sunrise training walk

  • I hurt my foot during this training walk but it is all recovered and I am ready to resume my training.

DAY 20: Family time

DAY 19: Go to church

DAY 18: Psychic reading

DAY 17: Dermatologist visit

  • Just got a call from them saying my results came back normal and the mole wasn't malignant!  I am still having to treat and dress the wound daily but it is almost healed.

DAY 16: Sorority Alumnae Chapter Sisterhood Dinner

DAY 15: Donate to a women's shelter

  • I got the nicest thank you card them with such a great quote on it!

DAY 14: One day juice detox

DAY 13: Race for the Cure

DAY 12: Get health insurance

  • Health insurance is still being processed but I am hoping everything goes smoothly and I will be insured next week!  

DAY 11: Clean out closet and donate

  • Huge donation was dropped off at Salvation Army!  Wow that felt good!

DAY 10: Celebrity book signing

DAY 9: Second City comedy show

DAY 8: Latin groove dance class

DAY 7: Surprise party in NYC

It has been such a busy and exciting month so far!  I can't believe how quickly it has all flown by.  Here is what I have remaining on my list:
  • Skydiving (we tried to go in New York and it was too windy so it was cancelled)
  • Kyaking in the Chicago River (after multiple attempts my reservation keeps getting cancelled)
Both of those activities are something I still want to do, but it just doesn't look like it will be completed by the end of this week. 

  • Pull my credit score and see what in the world is going on with that.
  • Adopt a soldier.
  • PAWS animal volunteer orientation meeting and Jr. League informational meeting.
  • Book club meeting. (and actually finish the book this time)
  • Send resumes out and commit to finding a job (I purposely waited until the end of this project for this one...I need to focus 100% on this!)


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