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Friday, September 24, 2010

DAY 14: One day juice detox

After my food tour of Texas last weekend, my delicious LARGE Mexican meal I had Wednesday night and my pasta carbo load last night, I decided it was time for my juice detox.  I have not been looking forward to this. AT.  ALL.  I have tried the master cleanse once (the one with cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup)  but I don't think I even made it a day on that one.  I chose to do a detox to feel healthier and flush out some toxins.  I know I am not going to lose any weight in one day but I think this is a good start to eating healthier.  

My colorful food for the day
I researched one day detoxes online and got completely overwhelmed.  I read that you are supposed to follow a certain diet a week before to get ready for the detox.  OOPS!  They also call for fresh veggie or fruit juice and I do not own a I got frustrated and decided to head to the juice bar at my gym to see what they suggested.  I told them what I wanted to do and they made me three deliciously gross juice concoctions for my meals.   Here was my menu for the day:

1oz. shot of wheat grass  (not my first choice for a shot!)

16oz. V6-- Tomato juice, lemon, carrot, celery, spinach and parsley

16oz. Berry blast-- Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, banana and water

16oz. Carrot juice

Sounds wonderful right?  I drank tons of water along with that healthy menu.  I struggled through the day but I made it!  (so far)  We went to the movies tonight and that was torture, but I am surprised by my willpower.  I had to smell popcorn and hotdogs but I stayed strong!  I "cheated" and had an orange juice but I made sure it was 100%  juice first.  I can't really say if I feel cleansed or detoxed yet but I do know that I am ravenously hungry.  My boyfriend says I am grunchy (grouchy and grumpy) but I don't think so!  I have never looked forward to egg whites and oatmeal so much.  HURRY UP BREAKFAST!   Can't wait to eat and then run in Race for the Cure in the morning! :)

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