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Sunday, October 3, 2010

DAY 5: Haunted house

Today we (myself, Rachael and Cara) planned to go skydiving out in Long Island, New York but because of the high winds they cancelled our appointment.  We were over an hour into our train ride from Manhattan and the entire time I was filled with anxiety!  Skydiving is something I really wanted to do but I just had a bad feeling about going that day.  So once we got the call that is was cancelled we headed back to the city and decided to go to Nightmare Superstitions: America's #1 Haunted House.  Or so they say.  I would almost prefer jumping out of a plane and risking my life than going to a haunted house.

I guess I have always been a scardy cat.  When I was growing up I would spend a lot of time at my cousin's house and my aunt had an obsession with witches, scary movies and even zombies.  We watched all sorts of scary movies like Poltergeist, Night of the Living Dead, Pet Cemetery, and Kujo. Child's Play was the scariest though!  I still get scared if I see a picture of Chucky or randomly find that movie on TV!  The older I got the scarier movies I watched, even though I was beyond terrified.  I still get nightmares after watching anything that has to do with demons or the devil.  So as you can imagine haunted houses aren't the first place to look for me...but just like I continue to see horror movies...I had to scare myself and check out this haunted house.  Oh, I don't like the numbers 333 or 666 either.  It can ruin my day or scare the crap out of me if those numbers cross my path at the wrong time.

My one rule for the haunted house:  I had to stand in between the group.  I could under no circumstances lead or be the caboose.  There is a another haunted house in NYC that makes you take your shoes off and go alone.  AWW HELL NO!!!  I think the last time I had been to a haunted house I was in high school and probably drank a few wine coolers to get enough courage to go!  (just kidding mom)  We definitely had a few drinks before we made it this time!
The rules
This is the theme of the haunted house:
Visitors to NIGHTMARE: SUPERSTITIONS enter a surreal insane asylum. The patients have voluntarily admitted themselves, seeking protection from the danger they perceive is awaiting them because they broke a superstition. They feel they’re safe behind padded walls, and that they can be set free if NIGHTMAREpatrons break these superstitions and accept bad luck themselves. They have to…it's the only way out!

Rach covered her face the entire time!
Basically this really was my nightmare because I am be superstitious.  One of the first rooms they took us into has names all over the walls and I saw my name (spelled wrong) several times.  Yes we did give them our names before we walked in, but mine was the biggest and in the middle of the wall!  So the crazy mental patient followed me around the room screaming some kind of demonic sounding chant at me and said  I would be cursed.  That stuff is so not cool!  Rachael and I started singing songs that we remembered from church camp as loud as we could!  "Lord I life your name on high...Lord I love to sing your praises."  Haha thank GOD we remembered the words so the crazy person would let us go!  That part was pretty scary, but I didn't see much else.  I do remember a room full of unlucky pennies and a room of bloodied rabbit feet.   I walked through the rest of the haunted house practically buried in Rachael's back screaming as I gripped Daniel's arm behind me.  I woke up several times that night and I was sure I saw a ghost!

Instead of facing my fear of skydiving I faced my fear of haunted houses.  But I don't think you could pay me enough to go in alone!  I was relieved that we were alive when it was over!

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