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Monday, September 27, 2010

DAY 12: Get health insurance

Do you what PPO, HMO, or HSA mean?  I surely didn't, so thank God Daniel my boyfriend was here to help me through this process. I thought it would take 20 minutes to do, but it took us a few hours to look through every plan and finally decide what would be best for me.  Actually, he looked through everything and tried to explain it all to me...I understood every other thing he said.  Why is it so confusing?

We decided on BlueCross BlueShield and I couldn't even tell you what plan I got.  But then came the fun part  of filling out my medical history for the application.  I don't smoke and I am not (that) old, but I had to write in if I had been hospitalized in the last 10 years.  I've been very lucky and haven't been severely sick...but I did have one memorable trip to the ER.  The questionnaire asked if I've had any head injuries or concussions. Why yes...yes I have.  During the last weekend in September of 2007, I tripped on a suitcase and hit my head on a marble table in my hotel room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  I was there with a big group for one of my girlfriend's weddings.  Everyone that has heard this story always asks me if I was intoxicated when I tripped, but I wasn't!  This was early in the night, right after the wedding and only one glass of champagne.  It was a mixture of a messy room, my heels and  my clumsiness that caused this fall!  I hit my head VERY hard and suspected I had a concussion, but I didn't want to miss out on my last night in Vegas with my friends!  So I went out with them, drank and then went to sleep.  Two major no-nos when you have a concussion!  SO STUPID!  I woke up the next day and had a hard time moving my neck, so I pushed my flight back, headed to the ER and spent 9 hours in the waiting room.  Like I suspected, I had a pretty bad concussion but I recovered in a few days.  Would have been helpful to have health insurance then!

Although this was probably one of my least favorite tasks on my countdown, it was very important to get this done.  I hurt my foot and my wrist last week during workouts, I am falling apart at my old age!  My application is being processed right now and if everything goes smoothly,  I will be insured by October 15th!  Then my hypochondria can kick in again and I can see all kinds of doctors, oh joy!

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carissajade said...

YAYYY! Congrats to you for getting it done!. I didn't have health insurance for the last 5 years and FINALLY just got it through my work. Now I cant think of any reason to actually go to the doctor, but I'm sure something will come up (knock on wood) Get on messenger today i miss you!!!