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Saturday, September 11, 2010

DAY 27: Windy City Wine Festival

Enjoying my wine!

There are a few things that make me happy without fail.  The original Broadway cast recording of Wicked, macaroni and cheese and WINE/CHAMPAGNE!!!  Today I had the pleasure of attending the Windy City Wine Festival at the Buckingham Fountain in Millennium Park.  I had a friend with me so I didn’t have to feel like a lush all on my own! Over 45 different food and wine booths = pure heaven! 

I had every intention of writing reviews and telling you details about all the different wines and bubbly I tasted, but after our 15+ tastings, that idea went into the slop bucket along with the wines I didn’t like.  I did sample a wide variety of yummy libations and ended up ordering half a dozen bottles of Almond flavored sparkling wine.  It probably has a bazillion grams of sugar in it, but it was our favorite! 

A beautiful setting!

A girl behind us in one of the lines said she felt like a “wine whore” sampling so many different wines!  I coulnd’t agree with her more!  What better way is there to celebrate being an adult than exercising your right to wine?!  Napa Valley and the champagne country in France are two of my favorite places in the world!  I just visited Napa this April with my boyfriend, but we were only able to spend a day out there. I can't wait to go back!  In July of 2008 I spent a day in Epernay, France at the Moet and Chandon/Dom Perignon wine cellars.  I wanted to hide out in the caves and live there for awhile.  I could survive on champagne and cheese, right?

Napa Valley
In Epernay, France....Champagne country!

My aunt made this picture of me!

It is definitely a perfect weekend to enjoy Chicago.  Tomorrow I am off to see Da Bears!! 

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carissajade said...

Man... I think i love wine festivals more than the zoo. I wish you lived near! This weekend is Grapefest in the tiny little town I live in (Grapevine). It's about all it has going for it and the reason i moved here!