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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DAY 3: Adopt a soldier

Doesn't matter if you agree with the war or not...I believe that serving our country is one of the most noble and selfless things an individual can do.  I know several people who are in the service or who have served before and I wanted a way to say thank you to them, and thank you to our troops that are there now.  I came across a program online called Adopt A US Soldier and I immediately signed up.  These soldiers are thousands of miles away, many in combat zones...away from their families and comforts of home.  This program links you up with a specific soldier and from there you email them, write letters or send care packages if you choose.

I signed up for this program a couple weeks ago and was assigned my soldier a few days later.  He was deployed from Ft. Hood which is near my hometown of Waco, Texas!  They said they could tell he was in a remote part of Afghanistan and wouldn't have much access to the internet, but that he would really need the support.  I emailed him right away to let him know I was matched with him and asked if he wanted me to send him anything specific.  I still haven't heard back from him but I decided to go ahead and get his care package together today.  There is a list on the website of things they most often assortment of toiletries, foods, drinks, candies, magazines and books, and fun things to pass the time like cards or games.  I was surprised to find out you can't send any alcohol, pork or pork by-products or any inappropriate images.  (nudie magazines ha)

I still have a few more items I want to get before I send him the goodies...I absolutely love shopping for my soldier and thinking about how happy he will be when he gets my care package!  I read that I need to send two separate packages for food and toiletries...and that the USPS will ship boxes to the military in Iraq or Afghanistan for the same rate as a flat rate box in the US!  Packing the stuff correctly, filling out all the customs forms and making sure I am following all the rules so it will get to him is very time consuming, but it is nothing compared to the sacrifices they are making for our country.  It is just a little gesture for them to know that someone is thanking them on the other side of the world.
THANK YOU to our troops for all that you do!  If I could send you all care packages I would!

If you would like to get involved with this program please visit

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