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Friday, October 1, 2010

DAY 7: Surprise party in NYC

Friday October 1st marked the week countdown to my 30th birthday, the beginning of my favorite month and the day I could officially start celebrating THE BIG 3-0!  The plan was to fly to NYC and land about 4pm on Friday, then relax and go to a sushi dinner, have some drinks and call it an early night to prepare for Saturday night. (the night I THOUGHT we were doing my birthday get together)  I had planned to do a little catch up post today since I would be traveling to New York City and really didn't have any other task planned, but things got really turned around and I was completely surprised!  So I will tell you all about my surprise 30th birthday party!

For weeks I had been trying to plan a little get together with the help of one of my best friends Cara, who lives in NYC. I also had been asking my boyfriend Daniel what he thought we should do and no one seemed that interested in making plans!  Granted my actually birthday isn't until the weekend after, but this was going to be my celebration in the big apple.  I didn't want to seem too bratty so I didn't push the issue that much, even though I had already bought the most perfect sparkly birthday dress!  Finally we decided on a place and Cara sent out the fake Evite, made all the fake makeup and hair appointments and pretended to set things up with the venue we chose.  At the same time her, Daniel and my one of my other BFFs Rachael were scheming behind my back planning a surprise bday party for Friday night, not Saturday!  Rachael had told me she was coming to Chicago for my actual birthday but really she was secretly in New is all very confusing!

Our first flight was supposed to leave at noon but was cancelled because of weather in NYC, so they put us on a flight leaving Chicago at 7pm.  I thought that was fine since we didn't really have plans but Daniel had us switched to another airline leaving at 12.  Ok, nothing fishy there, he just wanted to get there sooner!  That flight was delayed two hours but we finally got to New York around 6.  As soon as we landed Cara wanted me to meet her at a hair salon where she said she was getting her hair done.  We couldn't go straight there and then she was ignoring my texts, but I threw my luggage at the hotel and tried to hurry to meet her.  Plans changed and then Daniel was instructed to stall at our hotel room...I was ready to go meet up with Cara so had no idea why we were waiting.  Fifteen minutes later Rachael shows up at my hotel and the whirl wind begins!  I had no idea Rachael was even in New York!  She told me to get myself together and we headed to get my hair done...unfortunately I had missed my makeup appointment because of the flight delays.  After getting my hair done we went back to the hotel to change and another group of people showed up.  I was told we were going to get drinks and dinner and the plans were still on for Saturday night.  I was a little confused but of course just went a long for the ride.  While I finished getting ready Daniel went ahead to get drinks and we were to meet them at The Bubble Lounge.

Our group made our way to The Bubble Lounge in Tribeca around 10pm.  They lead me through the crowd as I kept looking for the people we were meeting there...then we walked down the stairs to a private party space and everyone yelled out SURPRISE!  I was honestly 100% so shocked!  There were about 20 of my friends there along with a fabulous open bar that included all my favorite champagne/drinks, party favors that included mini pink bubble blowers and little tins decorated with stars and filled with assorted pink jelly bellies and even a red velvet Magnolia Bakery birthday cake decorated with tiny champagne bottles!  Trays of my favorite foods were passed around the party...this was seriously the most perfect party for me and I had the time of my life.  I even woke up with the biggest smile on my face wanted to do it all again!

The favors! So cute!
I wanted to go into so much detail about how Daniel, Cara and Rachael pulled it off because I know how hard they worked.  I am not a snoopy girlfriend but I am still stunned that I didn't discover what they had up their sleeves! The party was perfect for me in every way... I have always secretly wanted a surprise party but of course I would never ask for one!  THANK YOU Daniel, Cara and Rachael who planned every little detail flawlessly and to those who came!  I love you guys! I wish I could be in a place where all my friends  could have made it but you all were missed!  It was most definitely an unforgettable experience,  I felt so special!


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