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Sunday, September 19, 2010

DAY 20: Family time

I cherish every second I get to spend with my family and take every opportunity to see them.  Although I have loved living in the big cities…my heart is always in Texas and it is hard to be away from them. I also miss the delicious Texas food, so every time we visit, we eat our way through Texas.    This weekend we made our way down to San Antonio and Austin and got to see all of our family and eat non-stop.  Couldn’t ask for more!
Landon my nephew, he looks worried!
Saturday morning Daniel and I spent the day watching his little sister in a tennis tournament in Austin (after eating our weight in Rudy’s BBQ) …then we made our way to GattiLand in Round Rock for my little sister Kamryn’s 9th birthday where we met up with my mom, step-dad, brother Derek, Aunt Lynda and my other sister Erika and nephew Landon. We stuffed ourselves on the pizza and pasta buffet as fast as possible then headed to the game floor!  I don’t get to see my 21-month-old nephew Landon very much so I was excited to spend some time with him too.  While we were all playing games, I held him and walked him around for a while.  After 10 minutes I was looking for his mommy, my sister Erika.  How do you Moms DO THIS?   Kids are exhausting!  And my mom had my sisters and me 10 years apart…she is truly a wonder woman.  We had fun playing skee ball, mini basketball, air hockey, punch the duck and that weird game where you roll the ball to get the horse to go faster.  I left that place so sweaty from playing all the games (burning pizza calories), just like a kid.  I’m pretty sure I lost every game, but I was happy to celebrate with Kamryn.  She is so special to me…I was in college when my mom got pregnant with her.  I remember I was driving when she told me the big news and I almost wrecked my car!  Kamryn was actually due on my 21st birthday.  She ended up coming 3 weeks early but that definitely would have been a non-traditional way to spend my 21st birthday! 
Having a blast!  Daniel concentrating...

The balloon we bought her!

Skee Ball!
Kamryn and I Christmas 2004, one of my favorite pics of us

Making a wish on my 11th Bday!

After the party we went back to my house and I looked through pictures from my childhood.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that my mom took so many pictures of me growing up, even though I was probably annoyed by it then. (who am I kidding, I loved every second of it)  I could have looked through those pictures for hours…I can actually recall some the moments like they were yesterday.  I guess I am feeling so sappy and nostalgic because I might have a big birthday around the corner?    It just amazes me how fast time goes by.  I can distinctly remember sitting in front of those birthday cakes, but I wonder what I wished and if it came true?!  If I had to put money on it, I bet my wish was to meet New Kids on The Block.  Guess what…that wish did come true a couple years ago!  I finally got to meet every single one of the New Kids on The Block at Madison Square Garden in NYC in 2008.  Hmmmm what will I be wishing for when I blow out my 30 candles?
A kiss from Donnie! NKOTB!!

With Joey McIntyre, he was my favorite 

Getting a little off track there…but what better way to spend one of my “countdown to 30 days” with my family celebrating Kamryn's 9th birthday and reminiscing about my own birthdays.  I also got some good advice from my mom about aging.  I said “Mom, I don’t want to get wrinkles and I swear I see more every morning, help!”  She says, “That is what happens, and the alternative to not getting wrinkles is being dead.”  Good point mom…

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