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Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY 15: Donate to a women's shelter

When I woke up today I fully intended to clean out my closet and switch out my summer clothes for my fall clothes.  I desperately need to get rid of some clothes I don't wear to fit everything in the closets!  I did a massive donation when I moved from NYC to Chicago, but I still have a lot to donate.  I think I am a borderline hoarder...I have such a hard time letting things go.  I swear I still have things from high school that are two sizes too small.  

I took one look at my closet and my drawers and decided to procrastinate by looking up some donation centers online.  Usually I give to the Salvation Army but this time I wanted to give to a women's shelter of some sort.  I came across an organization called Sarah's Circle which is a refuge for women who are homeless.  The more I read about what they do the more I was sure I wanted to help!  They not only provide indispensable services to women in need...they help women empower themselves and rebuild their lives.  I called and asked about their clothing donation guidelines and found out that they didn't really need clothing, but badly needed travel sized toiletries,  blankets, sheets and pillows among other things.

A mural on a wall at Sara's Circle
So the task for today was quite simple.  I gladly put off my clothing donation and headed to the drug store and Bed Bath and Beyond.  I actually had fun shopping for all kinds of toiletries, sheets and blankets!  I realized how easy it is to take little things like soap and your pillow for granted.  I gathered what I could on the list and headed uptown to the shelter.  On the way into Sarah's Circle  I saw at least three women coming and going, and a lot of women in there using computers.  It was a good feeling to see some of the women that I will be directly helping with my donation!   

Cleaning out my closet and donating the clothes is still on my short to-do list...maybe next week?!  And next time I travel I will be sure to stock up on toiletries from the hotels I stay in. You should do the same and donate to your local homeless shelter!  

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theTsaritsa said...

What a nice thing you're doing! You could also go to Costco and get a bunch of toiletries in bulk.

I go through my closet every six months and get rid of things I don't wear, all donated.