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Friday, September 17, 2010

DAY 21: 10 mile sunrise training walk

 With the fundraising for my Susan G. Komen 3-Day 60-mile walk in full swing,  I decided it was time to kick off my training walks.  Lake Michigan has a beautiful lakefront path that stretches 17 miles, so it was a perfect place to do this!  I chose to do it so early because I have never seen the sunrise over Lake Michigan, or at all in Chicago.  I am not a morning person!  I surprisingly popped out of bed at 6:30am and quickly made my way to Starbucks.  I could see the sun peaking over the horizon through the buildings and it was breathtaking!  It was a little over a mile from the Starbucks to the lakefront path so I started jogging with my pumpkin spice latte in hand, spilling everywhere.  I barely missed the sun breaking through the clouds but it was still a glorious sight to see!  I think it is good for the soul to see a beautiful sunrise every once in awhile.  (seeing the sunrise after you have been out all night doesn’t count)  So goal one for the day was accomplished. Sorta.  Now lets get onto the training walk.
Sunrise at Navy Pier

Honestly I have been slightly cocky when the subject of training has come up for this walk.  I trained for 12 weeks this spring for a half-marathon and currently I rotate between 3 to 4 mile jogs, cardio kickboxing, basic training and spinning weekly.  Why in the world would I need to train for a WALK?  The first 4 miles on the path were easy breezy…I was jamming along to Phoenix, New Kids on the Block, Coldplay and the Penguin Café Orchestra and enjoying the beautiful September weather.  Miles 4-8 my legs started to get tired but I was still pushing on at a good pace. Then HOLY GET ME A WALKER…miles 8-10 my legs were wobbly, my back hurt and I kept getting a sharp pain behind my right knee.  Wow getting old ‘aint easy!  At that point I started obsessively checking my GPS to see how much closer I was getting!  The second it hit 10 miles I sat on some steps and stretched, and stretched….and stretched.  Usually this does the trick and my alleviates the tension, but I was still in pain!  I slowly hobbled the 1.5 miles home (after stopping for some frozen yogurt with blueberries) and collapsed. 

Finish line in sight!

I have many long walks ahead of me!
I used a fitness GPS application on my iPhone to track the 10 miles along the lake, but I was also wearing a pedometer from start to finish, which included my walk to and from the lake.  It told me I took approximately 30,388 steps and walked 13.4 miles!  I probably won’t be able to walk without my legs hurting for a few days…but I am proud of my first training effort!  I definitely see many more training walks in my near future…I want to make sure I can finish the walk. I now understand that 20 miles a day for 3 days will not be easy.

A couple months ago I volunteered with my sorority alumni chapter to cheer on the Komen 3-day walkers coming though Chicago on their last day of walking.  It really got me pumped up for my walk!  Some walkers were tired, sore and limping much like I was today, but they were all so inspirational and the positive energy in the air and was contagious.  I want to share some pictures I took of the walkers that day.  Some of them are dressed pretty funky and cute, and of course covered in pink!  I can’t wait to see what my team comes up with to wear!  I would like to say THANK YOU to those who have donated so far and helped me get to 34% of my fundraising goal…if you would like to see my donation page please click here!  Every little bit helps us get closer to a world without breast cancer. 

Real men wear pink, and bras.
Us cheering them on!

Festive from head to toe!

They had fairy wings on!


chrisibarnes said...

AWESOME Andria! Love reading your blog and what a great way to ring in the 3-0! Mine is in DEC and just can't believe time has passed so fast! Keep it up and SUPER happy for you!

JD said...

You are so inspiring Andria! Having just turned 50 myself, this would have been a rush to do for that occasion (Might have to think about it for my 51st...LOL). What fun this must be to put it all into words and picture. Keep the creative work going as it makes life special and worth sharing.... I'm looking forward to your next writings, and surely hope you extend, or do more of this type of work in the future.

(An old classmate of your Moms...)