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Sunday, September 12, 2010

DAY 26: Chicago Bears football game

After the game, Bears won!

Football just makes me happy.  Rah rah rah!  But probably not for the same reasons as other people.  I am not a diehard fan, but I love the feeling it gives me.  The fall weather, the marching bands playing and everybody uniting or dividing and pledging their allegiance to one team or another.  And you can't leave out hot dogs and beer!!  I know enough about football to follow along with the game because I was an educated cheerleader, however  I don’t understand every little thing.  I am sure I annoy the crap out of my boyfriend asking him questions about every other play.  One thing I can completely relate with:  The feeling everyone gets after a perfect pass leaves the hands of your favorite quarterback and makes its way down the field towards the end zone.  Everyone waits with bated breath and when that catch is made, it is a beautiful thing!  Today towards the end of the game this precise thing happened to put the Bears ahead of the Lions.  Then the Lions appeared to have a late game winning touchdown, but the pass was ruled incomplete on a controversial call and the BEARS WON! Hey, a win is a win!  I high-fived everyone I saw with my bear claw!

I am embarrassed to say (as a Texas gal) that this was my first “real” NFL game.  I saw half of a Bears game during the pre-season last year but that doesn’t count.   When I lived in NYC I attempted once to see a Giants vs Cowboys game at The Meadowlands, but we got there too late and were unable to get tickets.  We ended up having to watch the game from the parking lot.  A big FAIL.  I was extra excited today to actually be on time and stay for an entire regular season game! 


Seriously, I keep racking my brain trying to remember if I have been to see a Cowboys game at least?! By default I am supposed to LOVE the Cowboys.  I definitely like them...for sure!  My step-mom is a Cowboy fanatic and they named their female boxer Moose.   The only team I come close to feeling that way about is the NEW YORK YANKEES!  (I witnessed their World Series win last November) But ok, back to football.  I didn’t have a hard time jumping on the Chicago Bears bandwagon.  I love the team colors, I love bears and I find the fans charming. I especially love that Soldier Field is dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces and that a part of the outside looks like a spaceship.  Bottom line, I had a wonderful time with my orange and blue gear on and waving my bear claw while singing "Bear down, Chicago Bears!!"  

Thanks to my boyfriend Daniel for an awesome time!

This weekend I truly felt like I immersed myself in Chicago culture!  Tomorrow is it back to the stuff that needs to get done.  Twinkie goes to the vet for shots and checkup.  :(

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K2 said...

Glad you had fun!