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Thursday, September 9, 2010

DAY 29: The dentist visit


Today was my dreaded dentist appointment.  I told the doctor it has been a year since my last visit.  I lied.  I think it has actually been about two years!  After the x-rays and the exam, I was shocked to find out I didn’t have any cavities.  It’s not that I don’t take care of my teeth, because I am obsessive about brushing and flossing.  I just thought since it has been so long and I eat a ridiculous amount of sour jelly bellies that I might have some problems.  I walked in there ready to get cavities filled!  I even took two advil before in anticipation of the pain I was about to endure.  However, I don’t really have an overwhelming fear of the dentist.  In fact, the worst pain I have ever experienced from a dentist was due to the zoom whitening treatment that I electively put myself through.  That process was pure torture and I couldn’t talk for a couple days, but my teeth glowed in the dark! 

Think I had neon pink and blue rubber bands on!
The orthodontist on the other hand used to strike such deep fear in me that I would have anxiety attacks every time I had an appointment.  I always felt like I was going to throw up when they started working on my mouth.  And when you have braces, those appointments happen quite frequently.  My mom decided it was a good idea for me to get braces super early in 4th grade when no one else had them.  I insisted on having neon rubber bands in the funkiest color combinations.  Needless to say I was often the butt of jokes and anytime anyone talked about my braces, I would feel a panic attack coming on and rush to the bathroom.  Not the best memories.  I had the last laugh though when I got my braces off at the beginning of 6th grade when everyone else was getting them!  I smiled a lot that year showing off my straight teeth.
I am hoping this was on Halloween!

I’m so happy I got this out of the way now, and I must say the office had an amazing view of Lake Michigan and Millennium Park from my chair! I plan to go back in 6th months as they suggested, like a responsible adult. 

View from my dentist chair!

My cousin and I used to watch Little Shop of Horrors when we were little. She reminded me of this scene.  Thank goodness he wasn’t my dentist today!


carissajaded said...

haha Oh my gosh I so remember your rubber bands. But I thought they were so cool that I would get the same colors that you had! I was such a copier. You should have told me earlier that they weren't cool.

And don't feel bad. I literally haven't gone to the dentist in like 8 years. I don't even want to know what's going on in this mouth of mine.

And holy mother of my soul, I sure do love little shop of horrors.

K2 said...

Yes~LOL! That was Halloween!

Jerri said...

You must've been relieved when you heard that you had no cavities, right? And LOL, nothing is sweeter than having the last laugh against your braces. It's also understandable why you feel that way towards a dentist. It's a common case for most people.

Jerri Larimore