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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The list?!

A friend of mine sent me an email after he read my first post and had some interesting points.  He said he felt similar to what I am feeling when turning 30 a few years ago. I suspect many people might experience the same feelings as they approach milestone birthdays?   (Wondering if you are where you should be, have you accomplished enough, is your life meaningful, if you have the right job, if you are making the right steps towards your future if if if if if etc.)  Looking at his life from the outside you would never know he was struggling with uncertainties.  He had traveled all over the world doing intense jobs for the Special Forces and studied at West Point and Harvard.   Even with all of that success he still wondered if he was wasting his time and asked himself if he should be accomplishing something else.  He compared his life to many others around him that had taken very different paths.  Which brings me to my point.  Everyone has their own path and accomplishes things at different times in their lives!  Another friend of mine just returned to college to complete his BA after following his rock band dreams during his twenties, and my best friend from college just found out on Wednesday that her and her husband are expecting a baby boy!  That being said, I try not to compare my life to the people around me, although that can be difficult.  I am surrounded by successful, talented and accomplished individuals and that is inspirational to me.

Ok, so to really get this started I want to share a list of some of the things I need and want to do…but I don’t have 30 yet!  Here is what this list means to me.  It’s not really a bucket list.  Is a way for me to get some things done and have a little fun!  HAHA that rhymed!  I want to get more involved in Chicago, volunteer with different organizations and learn some new things about my city.  I want to be a better friend/girlfriend/family member and person in general. And I want to get some sort of direction in my career.    I was told that we are a product of our experiences and I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone. So like I said in my first post, I would love some ideas. Here is what I have so far, in no particular order:


Get health insurance.

Go to dentist.

Go to dermatologist.

Take a cooking class.

Try a new dance class at gym.

Send out my donation emails about 60-mile Susan G. Komen walk I am doing in November.

Go on a sunrise 10+ miles training walk for the Susan G. Komen walk.

Participate and volunteer in Race for the Cure.

Volunteer somewhere in Chicago. An animal shelter, homeless shelter or kids/senior program.

Take Twinkie to the vet.

Try a day-long detox cleanse.

Go to a comedy club in Chicago.

Actually call all my friends and family instead of texting/emailing.

Get my resume in order and send it out!  Re-engage prior opportunities.

Clean out my closet and make a donation to the Salvation Army or women’s shelter, donate other goods to a local charity.

Check out my credit report and figure out where to go from there to get finances in order.

I will leave you with another nugget of thoughtfulness my "Special Forces Harvard" friend gave me:

“While every experience may change you, there is certainly a degree of stagnation that comes with only staying within one sphere of existence.  That is to say, the 'jetset' crowd may sip cocktails at the fanciest clubs in the world, may spend summers on exotic beaches, may drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes-- but there is only so much growing that comes from this lifestyle.  Sometimes fear, suffering, and pain make the best experiences.  Not because you particularly 'enjoy' them while they're happening, but because they deepen your perspective and shape your psyche.  They truly make you part of the world.  To avoid these difficult experiences is to isolate yourself.”


Trevor & Lindsey Starnes said...

I respect your list of things to accomplish before you (we!) turn 30, I do. But, I have to say - this list is so serious!!! Besides skydiving and a dance class - I say you mix in a little more fun. There's gotta be something crazy you've always wanted to do that you haven't. With only 10 days till I turn the big 3-0, I am feeling a lot of the same things you are! It's crazy how the path of life twists and turns. I miss you - I sure would love it if you came and went skydiving with me on my 30th... then you could cross that off the list :)

I love you,

carissajaded said...

I love your list. I agree with lindsay that u should perhaps add in a few more crazy fun things but at the same time I think these are all things that for you' mean growing up. I wish I could come up to acccompany you to the comedy club... maybe u could look into the weekend introductory classes at second city or improv olympic. They aren't necessarily for peeps who want to do comedy, but they are good for developing all kinds of skills. I think that they would be a fun/beneficial experience for anyone trying to learn alittle about themselves. Also? I so want to do the cleanse with you from afar. I've been wanting to try one. I love u and this list! Woohoo!

AndiGayle1980 said...
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